“Moving between painting, sculpture, video and installation, Rebecca Gould’s practice encompasses autobiographical details with references from contemporary popular culture. The process of the work’s making, including the meaning and associations embedded within materials, is emphasised in her work as much as how the elements ‘perform’ together when presented. The piece shown here is made from old table linen from a convent school her mother attended, which Gould has painted with fabric paints. The other component of the work contains weaving, also by her mother. Both the fabric and weaving are traces left by her mother and when combined with her own intentions a secondary layer is bought to the piece, creating a discourse on motherhood. It reflects the domestic acts of repetitive caring, the value transmitted through the gesture of the human touch, and in the context of this exhibition represents the movement of history, as well as latent meaning unearthed in new composition, as an original score.”
Adam Carr, Curator at MOSTYN, text written for ‘Dual-Core’ work shown in ‘WAGSTAFF’S’ exhibition in MOSTYN, 2017