Studio Cybi is an artist-led projects run by Rebecca Gould and Iwan Lewis
It was set up in 2016 out of a desire to collaborate with other artists. We felt the need to start something that wasn’t available to us after relocating back to North Wales, showing exhibitions that look to explore various contemporary symptoms and hypothesis. Away from the pressures and limitations of institutional settings we are freer to develop ideas and exhibitions, satisfying our need to create something that also feeds our own individual practices as artists. The ambitions of the project is to carry on in as many different configurations as possible and develop a far reaching community that migrate to the rural outposts of North Wales leaving their footprints like a flock of geese.


(part i)
17th and 18th February 2018
Jesse Darling, Elinor Evans, Rebecca Gould, Hannah-Sarah Suddaby and Angharad P.Williams

23 – 25 September 2016
Nathan Barlex, Laura Bygrave, Lydia Corry, Alex Crocker, Stephen Forge, Rebecca Gould, Iwan Lewis, Ross Taylor and Mary Vettise

The title of the exhibition is a fractured word suggesting both a communal place and fragmented vernaculars. The hyphen is the glue that links the words and the selection of artists is similarly fractured and stuck together with the gum of visual appendage. There is a violent gesture inherent, is this the repressed violence of the everyday? Popular soap operas have often used the cul-de-sac as a location to put family life at the centre of a drama. The viewing public can identify with and then see themselves within it. Soaps such as Brookside, Neighbours, EastEnders have all used this setting to contain the sprawling mess of human emotions and catastrophes neatly within the context of a recognisable familiar place. The cul-de-sac is also a dead end, a place to bring up your family safely and then die. Thoughts of death and rotting sprout to the surface, daily life has anaesthetised us and we’re going nowhere. Life has stopped, become stagnant. Our perpetual search for ritual and magic has been replaced by habit and routine. People inhabit the place, and the community that is created in these circumstances whether fictional or real, calls to mind the artistic community who perpetually search for a sense of belonging that never arrives.



2nd July 2016
Andrew Clwyd, Rebecca Gould, Iwan Lewis and Lauren de Sa Naylor

Text by Lauren de Sa Naylor

Full PDF here LOFTY & CRIPPLED Holyhead show