The peaches I bought are slowly rotting on the sideboard – a grey fluff blankets them like a LOL furry pet doll.

I’m slipping into the role nicely. Like a slim lady’s finger, a hand sliding into a tight leather glove. New kid.

Let sincerity spill out over the edges.
The everyday activities that can be transported / weighted into time laden – anonymous lives.
Made from discards – repurposed to objects I want.

Motherhood – where the world loses its bearings, all boundaries dissolve and the earth cracks and fissures.
Loosen your tongue, dissolve the boundaries, unclench your jaw.
A messy, sticky, visceral pleasure of form.
We need to show a sincere authentic love and connect with this thing called humanity.
Rest as revolution.
Care for each other.


Rebecca Gould (b. 1980, Inverness, Scotland) received an MA in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins College, London.

She is one of the recipients of the Freelands Foundation Fellowship award 2019 and was nominated for The Paul Hamlyn Award for Visual Artists 2017.

Recent exhibitions include: Picture Palace, Transition Gallery, London (2020); SPRUNG SPRING, g39, Cardiff, UK (2019); ONANIA d r e a m s, cur. Lauren de Sa Naylor, Todmorden (2019); Nightswimming, Lle Gallery, Mission Gallery, Swansea (2018); WAGSTAFF’S, MOSTYN, Llandudno, UK (2017); Girls (with Lindsey Mendick) as part of Periclo, Oriel Wrexham, Wales (2015); A Bestiary, TURF PROJECTS, London, UK (2015); Neru Phuyt Issue II, K.C. Continental Stores, London, UK (2015); BEST IN SHOW, It’s All Tropical, Same Shit Different Day Gallery, London, UK (2015); MOSTYN Open 19, MOSTYN, Llandudno, UK (2015); Claire Danes, Gallery 6, MOSTYN, Llandudno, UK (2014) solo and Gwenan International, The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow, UK (2014)

She has previously been commissioned to make new projects that included Wales Arts International Travel award; Conwy Council festival; Grange Gardens sculpture commission and for LOCWS international 3.

She is also one half of STUDIO CYBI, with Iwan Lewis, a collective that puts on occasional exhibitions and events. Working out of Wales it was set up in 2016 to present shows and curated projects founded on the principle that provincial does not equal compromise.


Email rebecca (at) rebeccagould.co.uk

Full CV available on request